Apple Bread Pudding

There are lots of malls and they are packed every single day of the year. It seems like a usual outing in our town is to hit the mall for some window shopping and then eat at one of the many restaurants. Every year, they open 3-4 new restaurants so one of these days, it is going to catch up to a number of stores and be even. “That will be the day,” my husband always says.
There are some stores, like Nordstrom, that have their own restaurants inside. It is pretty convenient because you can go in mid-shopping, have lunch, and then get right back at it exactly where you left off. No need to walk all the way to the food court.

Now, the food there is pretty simple, but they have one signature dessert that is amazing: white chocolate bread pudding. Now as amazing as it is (and I love it!) most of my family cannot enjoy it because they cannot eat chocolate. So, I have decided to alter the recipe to make it at home. Instead of chocolate, I let seasoned apples flavor it, and boy was it good.

Seasoned apples go a long way in a bread pudding. They sink in there and really settle perfectly and distribute the flavor evenly. Every single bite has apples and it is so unbelievably delicious. The best part is, unlike most bread pudding recipes, this one is incredibly easy! It is hard to mess up and really easy to make beautiful!
This is so true! It is just like apple pie, except without all the work involved in making that. You are going to love how easy this is!
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