Apply This Apple Butter Cake Recipe To Your Life – You Won’t Be Sorry!

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I found this recipe when I was looking to use up a jar of apple butter a friend gave me. It is a great cake! I did some modifications; brown sugar instead of white; walnuts instead of pecans; instant oats instead of bran/wheat germ. Perfect for potluck or church socials – no messy frosting.

Very moist, delicious cake. Would make a good breakfast cake. I made mine in a bundt pan and layered with 1/2 crumb mixture, 1/2 batter, crumb, batter. Scrumptious!! I also made the ‘All Day Apple Butter’ recipe from this site and used it in this recipe.

Wonderful, moist cake! A real treat. The batter was thicker than I expected and I thought I made a mistake, but the result was a big hit with everyone.

I made muffins out of this recipe. I used APPLE CIDER apple butter and I cut the sugar in the actual bread recipe in half. For muffins, there was a little too much topping (and imo, I think the topping needs butter, more like a streusel) but I’m not complaining. 😉 I can’t stop eating it. Quite moist, slightly chewy and VERY flavorful, one of the BEST quick breads I’ve had in a long time.

Seriously, I am a Mennonite girl who grew up in the rural farming country of Michigan and now I live in Amish-country Pennsylvania and I’ve never eaten an applesauce cake. What is going on with my life? LOL I am overjoyed that I found this recipe on my mom’s food blog. It’s super easy to make and it tastes uh-mazing. I am totally going to take this cake to our next church potluck.

My husband told me that he has been eating this cake since he’s been a kid. What? Why, have you never told me about this?!

Do you enjoy eating apple butter during the fall season? I know that I certainly do and so does my husband. However, we only seem to eat it a few times and then it’s like we are over it. I don’t want to allow a half of a jar of apple butter go to waste so I am super excited to find this recipe. Apple butter cake is moist and delicious and tastes like Autumn. Cinnamon and nutmeg run rampant through this yummy dessert.


1 cup packed Domino brown sugar
1 t. McCormick ground cinnamon
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