Arizona Sunshine Lemon Pie

I love a blender recipe. Probably because the clean up is so darn easy. I’m sure for most of you clean up is the worst part about baking/cooking. It’s amazing a number of dishes you have from one meal. So yeah, something that you make in the blender? I am all over that. I was scrolling down my Pinterest feed and came across this recipe. The name caught my eye.

Arizona Sunshine Lemon Pie?! Since my blog is called Baked in ARIZONA, I pretty much had to try it (and I am obsessed with lemon!) Then when I read that you use the WHOLE lemon, peel and all, I was very intrigued. The best part is this pie is super easy (I used a frozen pie crust) but if you wanna make a quick pie crust it will still be pretty easy.

The hardest part is picking out all of the seeds from the lemon, other than that you just throw everything in the blender, blend it up and pour into the crust. 40 minutes later you have a lemon, custard like pie! We liked this best chilled with a dollop of sweetened whipped cream on top. Is life to give you lemons? Do you need something to brighten your day? Make this pie, it is sure to turn your day around. It was just what my Monday needed :). Enjoy!

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