Asian Classic – Egg Fu Yung

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Fabulous! We loved it. Was quick, easy and delicious. I didn’t have any leftover meat, so I bought some “wafer-thin” (1/4 inch) boneless center cut pork chops. Marinated them for a little while in soy sauce, then seared them with a bit of oil. Took only minutes to cook. Chopped them up and proceeded with the egg foo yung recipe. I used an omelet pan with just a splash of oil, cooking one serving at a time. Cooked til golden brown, turned, browned the other side, and then kept them warm on in the oven while I cooked the rest. The patties cook very quickly so it didn’t take long. The sauce is simple and perfect for this dish. Was a bit thin, so I added a little more cornstarch to thicken. Sprinkle a bit of chopped green onion on top for garnish. I served this dish with steamed rice, store-bought spring rolls, and Chinese Cabbage Salad II (recipe on this website). A wonderful, satisfying and healthy meal!

I am so glad I found this recipe. The egg foo yung came out exactly like they do at my local place. I added some powdered ginger, I think it gave the recipe some added mppphhh:.) I also used canned bean sprouts. You can make this recipe using canned or fresh ingredients, or a combo of the two. The first time I made this I made them vegetarian because I lacked some of the other ingredients. All the times they have tasted great. The great thing about this recipe is that you can expand on it and make it your own. I have tried shrimp, chicken, and beef egg foo yung. When I placed the batter in the pan, the ingredients beside the egg did stay just in the middle. It wasn’t a problem though. I just spread the ingredients. Whether you choose to use the amount of called for ingredients or just veggie, etc., the amount of spices, etc. can stay the same. The sauce was good. It was simple. Same as the egg foo yung, it can be expanded on. Using fresh chicken stock, etc.

Very good! I thought the gravy went along with it well. Instead of chopping up so many vegetables, I just used a can of La Choy Chop Suey vegetables.

I thought this was delicious. It’s my boyfriend’s favorite chinese meal and he thought it was better than anything he’s had at a restaurant. I pretty much made it as the recipe indicated. I was free and easy with quantities and it didn’t seem to matter. I did use beef boullion cubes instead of chicken. As far as the egg spreading, I did add corn starch as someone suggested, but I still doubt that’s a big deal. Just keep an eye on the patties until they set and sort of scrape the egg that separates into the patty and you’re good to go. I made mine in an electric fry pan and put the lid on while they set. One thing: I would increase the amount of the sauce by half again as much. Other than that, absolutely delicious. Also, suggest rice as a side.

i was surprised at how much this tasted like a chinese joint’s egg foo yung…. very tasty. it might take a couple of tries before getting the timing down for turning over each batch. but even if they are a little messy, the taste is still there.

I love egg foo yung so I was very anxious to try out this recipe. I was actually surprised how well they turned out. I did add sherry and soy sauce to the egg mixture. The recipe didn’t state how much oil was needed, so I poured about an inch into my wok. They browned up beautifully and looked very authentic. Every chinese restaurant I’ve eaten in has always served theirs with a rich brown gravy which is what I used in lieu of the recipe sauce. Hubby and kids were very happy with this terrific dish. Thanks Debbie!


6 eggs
1/2 pint bean sprouts
4 tablespoons scallions
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