Banana Cream Cake With Browned Butter Frosting

serving of Coffee and walnut cake

Sigh. This cake. It’s moist and fluffy and just oh so inviting. The cake itself takes its inspiration from one of our all time favorites, banana cream pie. We love a creamy, velvety slice of banana cream pie not only because it’s delicious, but also because it has a certain nostalgic appeal about it. There are days when we just want a bite of something sweet that feels like something Grandma would make, and banana cream pie usually fits that bill quite nicely. But there are also days when we just want the perfectly moist bite that only a cake can bring. This Banana Cream Cake satisfies all those cravings in one.

It has that perfect mellow banana flavor that you get from banana cream pie, but it’s topped with a browned butter frosting that you have been waiting your entire life for, you just didn’t know it yet. Butter is wonderful in its natural state of course, but when you melt it down and cook it just until it has browned…. oh lordy. It becomes nutty and toasted and it smells and tastes like heaven. Just imagine that flavor whipped into a frosting. It could probably make a piece of cardboard taste good. Take that frosting and pair it with a moist and mouthwatering cake that has just the right amount of delicate banana flavor, well that’s a combination that’s meant to be!

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