BigBoy Strawberry Pie

Classic fresh strawberry pie… if you’ve never had it, you absolutely MUST try it! This copycat version tastes JUST like the Frisch’s Big Boy or Shoneys treat, and is made super easy. Just 6 common ingredients and an easy pre-made frozen pie crust… you can totally do this!

If you are lucky, you live in a part of the United States where you can actually go to a Big Boy. Many of us aren’t as fortunate to live in an area where you can eat one of these delightful fresh strawberry pies. But you can make one very easily. Fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and more go so well together. These ingredients make the perfect springtime pie.

I like to make this pie, and I sometimes use organic strawberries when I can find them. If you are trying to go dye free, you can omit the red food coloring. This pie is thickened with cornstarch, and if you want to go gluten free, you could use a gluten-free crust. This recipe was submitted by Pat Collins.

Found this recipe in an old Frankenmuth heritage cookbook. This pie is quick and easy to make, and does taste like the Stawberry Pies they serve at Big Boy.


2 tbsp. cornstarch
1 c. sugar
1 c. water
1/2 pkg. strawberry gelatin
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