Buttery Dinner Rolls: These Will Go Faster Than You Can Say “Scrumptious!”

Will You Be Serving These At Thanksgiving Dinner?
I know there’s a lot of talk about carbs these days; you shouldn’t eat this, you shouldn’t eat that, carbs are from the devil or they will mess up your whole body. There was a point when I started feeling guilty every time I ate any kind of bread, until I simply decided not to care. I mean, people can do whatever makes them feel good and I am all for healthy eating – but I cannot live without dinner rolls!

This dinner roll recipe from Tricia’s Simply Tasteful Recipes is one of my favorites. Most people seem to think baking with yeast is very difficult – well it isn’t, so don’t be afraid at all! This is a very simple recipe with only a handful of ingredients, and the instructions are very straightforward.
Besides serving these for dinner, I often eat these for breakfast, too. I love slicing them in half, toasting them, and then spreading a good amount of cream cheese or apple butter on top. Yummy! But my favorite way of eating these is straight from the oven, almost too hot to handle, with some butter melting on top of them.

The only tricky part about baking with yeast is that you need to make sure the liquid (whether you’re using water or milk) is warm enough, but not too hot.
All you have to do is follow the instructions carefully and I guarantee you will never go back to store bought dinner rolls again! This recipe is enough for 16 regular size dinner rolls, but you could cut the dough into 24 pieces instead, if you’d like to make sliders!

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