Buttery White Chocolate Chip Cocoa Cookies

For how good white chocolate cookies are, we feel like they don’t get nearly the attention they deserve. Normally bunched together with coconut or macadamia nuts (which certainly have their place, don’t get us wrong), we think white chocolate needs some time to shine through on its own. These cookies allow for just that! Giant (or mini) chunks of white chocolate peep through these chewy cookies, and the use of brown sugar and a bit of cocoa powder give these morsels a great depth of flavor that is really unique.

Since the base of these cookies is cocoa powder, you get a really interesting combination of flavor with the two types of chocolate. The chocolate flavor here isn’t deep and rich; these are more of a buttery and delicate cookie with a subtle flavor. They’ll still cure any chocolate craving… it’s just more of an understated chocolate fix.

That’s not to say that the white chocolate gets lost. Not at all. It provides a nice contrast but still manages to stand out on its own and the cookies are studded with that sweet, milky flavor that only white chocolate can bring.

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