Can You Guess The 1 Ingredient That Takes This Family Favorite To The Next Level?

My Husband Says This Is The Best Weeknight Meal On The Planet!

You know, I have to agree with my husband that a weeknight meal really doesn’t get much better than this. The ingredients are pretty inexpensive, this is super easy and fast to make (perfect for those nights when you literally have No. Time. At. All.) and still the end result always makes your mouth water. Which is why we’re making this at least once a week at our house!

This wasn’t the first recipe for tuna melt I had tried but since I found this over at Uncle Jerry’s Kitchen, it has been the only one I’ve used! Everything; and I do mean everything is perfect in this recipe. The ingredients, the amounts, everything. I don’t think we could ever get bored of these!

The only thing we change occasionally is the type of bread we’re using. Sometimes you just don’t happen to have that sourdough sandwich bread at hand, when the craving for these hits. And that’s the beauty of it – you don’t have to go to the grocery store to for that – just use whatever kind of bread you happen to have at the time!

I have to admit I didn’t used to have provolone cheese in my refrigerator too often. But that has changed since I made this tuna melt for the first time!

Nowadays I always make sure there’s some provolone in the house; I believe that’s what makes these so amazing. I’ve tried these with other kinds of cheese a couple of times but we just didn’t think they were the same. They were good, though – but these are exceptional! Don’t forget to adjust the amount of mayonnaise based on what you’re using. You don’t want your tuna melt to be soggy!

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