Celebrate Your Birthday With Carnivorous Pizza Casserole

I am all about the easy dinner ideas and this pasta pizza casserole bake is just what the busy mom or dad ordered!

It is good, filling, and ever so simple to throw together. The prep for this pizza bake is so easy and takes just a few minutes. Plop this baby into the oven and wait for it to bake up to a bubbling masterpiece of cheesy, saucy goodness. I like to call this the “poor man’s pizza” lol! It costs about $10 to make and you don’t even need to leave your house to go to the local pizzeria.
Kids and adults alike love this pizza bake because it’s super good and filling. I like to serve it to my family with a tossed salad and Ranch dressing. My family often cheers when they smell this amazing meal cooking in the oven. Another good thing about this pasta pizza casserole bake is that the leftovers taste amazing…that is if you actually have any leftovers! I know that leftovers at my house are often slim pickin’s as we enjoy this casserole very, very much!

This pizza bake is a favorite by many and for good reason! What would be some of your most favorite side dishes to serve with this pizza casserole? I prefer some sort of garlic bread and salad, personally. You have got to make sure you have lots of Ranch and/or Italian dressing, too! So, who is going to join me in making this masterpiece of a casserole for dinner tonight?
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