Chocolate Lover’s Pound Cake Extravaganza

If you are a chocolate lover you NEED to stop what you are doing and make this yummy pound cake.
There is much to be said about a homemade cake. You can’t purchase a bix cake hat ever comes close to the goodness of something created from scratch. Sorry, Duncan Hines but it just ain’t happening. The first time I made a cake from scratch I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was. One may think that homemade cake making is a hassle but it truly is not. Such is the case for this chocolate pound cake recipe.
I fully intend on making this yummy chocolate pound cake for the Thanksgiving and/or Christmas holiday. I’m sure all who eat it will be singing my praises all day long.
Are you curious as to how this dessert comes together? Please flip on over to the next page for the ingredients and instructions. Enjoy!

If you are a chocolate lover you are going to want to invest your time in making this yummy pound cake. I love how moist and rich this dessert turns out. I’ll admit, I can never have just one slice of this little beauty. It’s like crushed velvet on your tongue. Eating this chocolate pound cake with ice cream is all the rage in my household. My husband and kiddos prefer vanilla or chocolate. Yum Fest!
Check out what my pals over at The Meaning Of Pie had to say about this recipe:
You will be needing some Christmas cake, I suppose. Someone should bring cake. This is one of my favorite family recipes. My mother made it for our big family gatherings at my grandparents’ house for years and years. It is a memory cake for me.
I’d be thrilled if someone brought this cake to Christmas dinner. I guess that someone should be me ?

To Find Out All The Delicious Ingredients And The Step By Step Directions To Follow, Please Head On Over To The Next Page.

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