Chocolate Suicide

Wow Linda talk about death by chocolate,lol I’m sending this to my daughter. Her and her husband or chocolate nuts. they have to have their fix every day. They will love this recipe. Thanks for sharing. I’m saving making this for 4th of July.

I made these last night with my stepson. He doesn’t like chocolate oreos, so we used golden oreos instead. He loved them.

“Offer Death by Chocolate Cake to anyone, the wouldnt deny even in formality even if you are a stranger to them! The Recipe is very tempting

Absolutely delicious! Made this for my husband’s birthday and everybody loved it. I substituted 100g of the chocolate for 70% cocoa with orange so that the cake had a subtle but not overpowering orange flavour. I also used 24cm tins and reduced the cooking time a little to make the cake a slightly larger diameter. I’m definitely making this again as soon as I have an excuse!

OMG, magic. We have now made this 3 times. The last time (this weekend), we made a modification to the filling. We made a chocolate, peanut butter filling. Really nice.

First time I made these for my family (Christmas, 2013). I used the 8×8 pan and there was way too much of everything for that size pan and baking time had to be adjusted (can’t remember exactly how much time I added, but it was more than an hour). I ended up cutting off the edges that were too well-done, but overall no one could tell and everybody loved them.

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I’ve made them many times since, each time in a 9×13 pan lined with parchment paper (I found the foil too hard to peel off the bottoms). I increase the baking time to 50 minutes and cover the pan edges (about 1” deep) with foil after 35 minutes so they don’t get overdone. Everybody LOVES this decadent dessert. Some people can only eat a small slice and have their sweet craving satisfied. Others, like the O-line of my son’s college football team, cannot get enough. I’m starting on my second pan for them now, and I’ll make them a few more times when they visit us at Christmas break! (I’ll have to steal some for my family first.)


28 Oreo cookies
1 pkg double fudge brownie mix

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