Have you noticed how many dessert recipes I’ve been posting lately? I bet you can’t stand it! I bet you’re all thinking, “what happened to the healthy Jessie we knew?”. ?

Well, first of all, the Holidays are here and I’m infected with the spirit of baking goodies. And more honestly, my cooking hasn’t been as successful lately. I go through phases where my baked goods fall flat and my dinners are divine. And then sometimes I can bake a mean cake, but dinner doesn’t wow. I’m stuck in the latter. It’s not that I can’t cook anymore, I’m just not consistently happy with the results. I’ve still got a few healthy and substantial meals to share with you, but I’m really on a roll with the treats! Just in time to indulge for the Holidays!

This recipe was another attempt to utilize the pounds of apples filling up my fridge. It comes from Southern Living and is a delicious apple cake. I was impressed by how many apples went into the batter (which is extremely thick- more of a “dough”). You almost have to knead them into the batter/dough and then push it into the pan. You’ll be thinking, how is this going to bake into a cake? But the oven heat performs yet another miracle as the batter puffs up and engulfs all the apples.

And then you spread a thick layer of cream cheese frosting over top. You cut a slice (careful, not too big), and you take a bite of this decadent, moist, apple-dense, cinnamon-spiced cake.

Source: ahintofhoney

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