Clean Eating Blueberry JAM

First time jam maker here — this recipe was very easy to make and tasted awesome. After the jam had set (24 hours), my boyfriend and I cracked open a test jar (these were holiday gifts) to try it out. He spent the next thirty minutes making “jam sandwiches” as he called them.

One little tip that I found somewhere else on the web … let the jam stand for a few minutes in the cooking vessel before putting it in the jars — the extra time will allow the jam to start to gel slightly and prevent all the fruit from floating to the top of the jars as they gel.

First time making jam at home. I don’t have a water canner, so I watched a video on YouTube about how to can without a canner. With the video and this recipe, it gave me enough info and confidence to pull this off on the first try. The blueberry jam tasted so good. Next time, I am going to double the recipe and make more!

Ingredients :

5 cups fresh or frozen blueberries
Pinch Kosher or sea salt
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