Crock Pot Hawaiian Beef

A crock pot is a must-have item in every home, and these days there are hundreds of crock pot recipes out there to choose from to make delicious homecooked meals easily. The crock pot is a rather new invention that has roots in Jewish cuisine.

The inventor of the crock pot decided to make a pot that would cook a meal similar to one his grandmother and mother used to cook on the Sabbath. Since the Sabbath is a day of rest, not even a stove would be permitted to be used to cook. So cholent, a Jewish dish was created using a system much like a crock pot to cook food over a long period of time, so it was ready when needed.

The original recipe used a pot inside of a pot to cook the food at a low temperature, so Irving Naxon, the inventor of the crock pot used this idea to create his own version of this cooker. It was much like the crock pot we all know and use today, with a ceramic pot inside of an electric heating vessel with a lid to contain the heat that would cook the food.

Irving first applied for a patent for his crock pot in 1936 which was granted in 1940. He first called it the Naxon Beanery, and it continued to rise in popularity over the years and became very popular in the 70s when working parents needed a way to have dinner ready for their families at the end of the day.


1.5 lbs cubed beef sirloin
1 diced onion
1 8oz can pineapple chunks

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