Custard Apple Pie

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This was so good. It was finished in one day. The buttermilk custard was so rich and creamy. The only thing I would change would be to put a little less of the streusel on top. Excellent.

Delicious! We couldn’t wait for it to cool all the way before tasting it… Very rich and sweet. Upon the advice of other reviewers, I reduced the sugar to 1 cup in the custard. (I used Granny Smith)I also cut the butter and sugar in half to cook the apples. The streusel is very good, maybe a little too sugary also. Anyway, this is very good and I cannot wait to have some in the morning- when it has cooled and “set”. Thanks!

This pie is awesome! It takes two of my favorites and combines them perfectly…I especially liked the streusel topping…my boyfriend as already asked when I will be baking this pie again!! I followed the recipe to the letter and it was perfect.

This is an excellent apple pie recipe, I was a bit nervous about the mixture of apples and custard but it’s absolutely delicious! I did cut down the sugar to one cup in the custard though after reading the reviews suggesting that it was to sweet.

This is the VERY BEST apple pie I have every made. Not only my husband like it everyone at work was salivating for more. This recipe is PERFECT

My family loved this pie! It was different and I will definitely make this again. I used 3 apples instead of 2 because they were small and luckily had room for all of the filling and topping. I did bake it 5 minutes longer than in the directions and it still was not completely set in the center when it finally came out but it still tasted great.

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…this is THE BEST apple pie ever, it was easy to do and came out beutifully. The crust was slightly under done, I think you should use a pre-baked one

Delicious! I used three apples because two just didn’t look like enough. This
kept me from being able to use all the custard, but I was able to use most of
it. And the streusel topping was a little more than needed.


1 unbaked pie shell
1 1/2 pounds fresh apples (5-6 apples), peeled and sliced
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