Dig Into Aunt Marge’s Pasta Fruit Salad For A Mouthful Of Sweet Surprises!

What I love about Aunt Marge is that she hates anything boring which is why she always tries to spice things up a bit all the time. During reunions, she has this ideas for games that would lighten up the get-together. Usually, it’s just talks and catching up with one another, but with Aunt Marge around, there are always games and some kind of a program. But it wasn’t the program and the games that we’re all looking forward to whenever she’s around. It’s about the revamped food that she always brought to the reunions.
She once bought a dessert made of tuna fish. I forgot what it’s called, but it truly tasted like a dessert. It was some kind of pureed tuna made into something custard-like. There was a hint of fish, but it wasn’t weird. It made the dessert taste better. Last time, she bought this pasta fruit salad, which tasted like a dessert and a main dish at the same time. While it wasn’t really a new concept for a dish, it’s something that’s not a usual part of our menu so we still found everything she brought fascinating. This pasta fruit salad recipe reminds me of Aunt Marge’s version except this is lighter because it doesn’t use mayonnaise like hers. You would love this version!

This recipe is ideal to bring to potlucks. It’s easy to make; it’s just a two-step recipe. Other than that, it can serve as an appetizer or a dessert. It’s also quite healthy and refreshing which will balance the other rich food people bring at potlucks. Need I say more?
Our friend over at Mr. Food has this to say about this recipe:
“Need a unique dish to bring to your next potluck extravaganza? Our Pasta Fruit Salad is the perfect colorful standout dish that will impress even the pickiest of palates. Best part? It’s not only simple to make, but healthy too!”

You know what’s a miracle? My picky niece and nephews actually love it. One of my aunts made this during our last reunion and well, it’s been a hit! She just sprinkled cheese on top of the salad to give it that extra kick and it’s nothing short of superb!

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