Enjoy The Flavors Of The Back Roads With This Country Creamed Corn

To be honest, we never made creamed corn when I was growing up. I was presented with it at my grandmothers and it always struck me as too slimy. I do love corn, though, and seeing this recipe made me brave enough to try because it looked delicious. I am SO glad I did, this dish blew me away. One thing is for sure, the Amish sure do know how to cook a meal. This creamed corn casserole is an amazing example of down-home cooking by the Amish community.
The bacon gave it a kick I really wanted, but I think it’d be just as amazing without the salty addition if you’re not into that. I was thinking maybe a bit of diced red pepper would be a good replacement. Sweet, spicy and a little bit cheesy it has the right combo of flavors and a great texture that is nothing like the creamed corn I remember. Even my picky eaters like this creamed corn casserole and they say it’s because it isn’t mushy like some creamed corn is. I have to agree with that sentiment. This creamed corn casserole has a lovely texture.

Unfortunately, my son saw me putting the bacon in this dish and said, “I am NOT eating that.” I didn’t react and kept on cooking. At dinnertime, I talked him into taking a bite and he loved it. So there’s your evidence right there that’the bacon doesn’t salt it up too much. Just make sure you chop the pieces teeny tiny. If you prefer, you can keep the bacon out but why would you do that? Check out what my pals over at Just A Pinch had to say about this fabulous recipe:
This is another recipe the Amish shared with me…I added the bacon…I take this a lot to Church potlucks and it’s always a big hit…enjoy!
I think the bacon was spectacular and even made the dish eat more like a meal. I could see baking some biscuits and serving them alongside and I am pretty sure my family would be satisfied as long as they could have seconds. I’m definitely trying the red pepper idea next. Guess what? I love creamed corn now!

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