I will admit that there are times when I spend more time in the freezer section of the grocery store than I do any other section. I know, its awful and all of my foods should be fresh from the garden organic…bt let’s get real. While I do try and keep our foods healthy there are times when schedules dictate that a frozen pizza is in order.

There are other reasons I love freezers, being able to keep foods fresher longer is by far the best one yet. So that cake I made that is simply to die for does not have to go to waste simply because I couldn’t eat it all. Simply freeze it (properly of course) and thaw it out at a later date. This not only allows you to enjoy the food but saves you money in the long run as it cuts down on needless food waste.

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However, have you ever wondered why coffee tastes funny after it has been in the freezer? Or why cheese has a different texture when you pull it out of the freezer?

The answer is simple:  these foods and several others can get ruined in the freezer and now we know the reason why! Maybe the freezer isn’t the best place for absolutely everything you buy.

So let’s look at some items that the professionals say we should never ever freeze