French Onion Meatballs Make Your Dreams Come True

Ahh, it is so strange because I actually hate onions. Well, I do not actually hate the taste, I just really dislike the consistency and crunch that comes from a raw (and honestly even a cooked!) onion.

It is just too crunchy and lets out all these juices and blahhhh. I just do not like them. But a French onion dip, I can do. I can also eat stuff with onions as long as the onion has been through the food processor (sorry, onions). Either way, the flavor I do like.

Something else I love is a good meatball. I grew up on ground beef meatballs, but since I got married, I have been making meatballs with ground turkey and boy are they delicious. I also do not mind the frozen ones if I am in a rush.

I can certainly eat meatballs whether in a meal with pasta or over rice and I also really enjoy them as an appetizer with red sauce or BBQ sauce when I am watching a game. It makes it so much more fun! Which is why I created this recipe that combines two of my favorite flavors.


1 pkg great value brand homestyle meatballs or your favorite brand of frozen meatballs (2 pound size)
1 pkg dry onion soup mix…

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