Fruity Fry Pies Are An Amish Delicacy – Secret Recipe Inside This Post!

The food we hated as kids were often those that were best for us.

Oh yes, I’m talking about the twin partners-in-crime, fruits and veggies! How many times did our parents try to sneak them in our meals? They sometimes even went too far as to say that the “monsters are coming to get us” if we didn’t eat what’s on our plates. Nice try, ‘rents!
My parents didn’t have a problem with me—I’d eat anything. But they did have a hard time with my brother. The only ever successful coaxing method was to put fresh fruits in desserts—fruit pies!

This recipe from Oh Bite gives fruit pies a little twist; something that will make fruit pies the most flexible desserts ever!

Fruit pies are occasion-friendly. But these fruit pie puffs are even friendlier! Because they’re handy, they can easily be brought anywhere— to potlucks and picnics; can be prepared for snacks or after-meal dessert, and they can be given as gifts. My mother is the first one in our family to make these fry pies. She told me that they were “bursting with an assortment of fruity feelings.”

She had me at “bursting with an assortment of fruity feelings”!


1 package of Pillsbury Pie Crusts
1 can Musselman’s Blueberry Pie Filling
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