Grandma Lila Came Over And Dropped Off Her Famous Chicken And Dumpling Casserole!

I Could Eat This Every Day Of The Week

By a show of hands, who here really likes chicken and dumplings? I bet there isn’t one hand left on the keyboard. I love to eat this kind of meal because it is hearty, wholesome, and ever so filling.

My grandma used to make a tremendous chicken and dumplings casserole that always brought everyone together at the dinner table. We would sit around the table eating, laughing, and joking. What a great memory! You won’t believe this but this recipe for chicken and dumplings is very easy to make.

You just toss your ingredients into your favorite baking dish and bake it all in the hot oven. Soon, you’ll have a wonderful meal fit for royalty on your dinner table. This is a real stick-to-your-ribs kind of meal and you won’t be left hungry. Enjoy!

Your family is going to appreciate you so much more than they already do when you present them with this amazingly awesome chicken and dumplings casserole. I use Kerrygold butter in this recipe and it turns out delightfully. It is always a delight to see your kids and husband scarfing down something that you’ve made yourself. I love it when my family enjoys the meals that I prepare as it is quite fulfilling.
I am so glad that this recipe was shared with me and yes, please share with me in the comments how it turns out for you ?

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