Green Chile Sauce Recipe

Try this Green Chile Sauce recipe with enchiladas, burritos, green chile stew, or other Mexican dishes!

This green chile sauce uses both green chiles and tomatillos. I love the tart flavor of tomatillos, but over the years I haven’t been able to cook with them as often as I’d like because they aren’t always consistently available at our local grocery stores. Thankfully, it’s much more commonplace to see them in the grocery store nowadays!

A few years back though, I was picking up my tomatillo stash weekly at the farmer’s market. One of the local farms was bringing homemade salsa verde to the farmer’s market, but not tomatillos. I finally asked why they never brought them, and they told me they didn’t always sell well at our market, but they did sell them at other markets. After that, they started bringing them for me every week.

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I was quite happy, until last year, when they stopped growing them. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was.

When our farmer’s market first opens every year, the farm stands sell a lot of plants. I get my tomato plants from that particular farm stand every year because they always have Sungolds, and their plants are always bigger than anyone else’s. While I was there making my purchase, Laura, one of the farm owners, looked over at me and said “Tomatillos, right?” Of course that prompted me to ask if they were going to grow them again. I got such a nice surprise when she replied: “I was hoping you were going to show up today, I brought you plants!”


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