Happy Wife Hash Brown Casserole – Great For Company!

What An Easy Casserole To Make!

Yesterday, my neighbor Anne burst through my front door and yelled out, “YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS RECIPE.” I rolled my eyes, because yeah, that’s Anne to think that everyone of her newfangled recipes is the best ever. She opened my cabinets and pulled out a plate and then completely messed up my organized utensils drawer looking for a serving spoon. She scooped up a hefty amount of casserole and plopped it on the dish. She put it on a fork and hand fed it to me. And guess what.

It was GOOD. It was the best cheesy hash brown casserole dish I had ever made. It was gooey, had the perfect crunch and a beautiful golden cheesy crust over the top. It was not overly salty or lacking in flavor. I knew immediately I needed to keep the rest of this as well as the recipe to serve my husband for dinner. He is the number one hash brown fan in the world. My goodness, that man can eat it at every meal. Needless to say, he was thrilled when he returned home from work to find this. He ate it straight out of the dish and didn’t even wait for the chicken I was making to be ready. He filled up on this and then, had it for breakfast again the next morning. It was a hit.

Have you ever enjoyed Cracker Barrel’s hash browns? If you have, you know exactly what deliciousness I am referencing and if you have not, you are missing out and need to go there ASAP. This recipe is better than Cracker Barrel. Just give it a try. Seriously, you won’t be disappointed and the recipe is insanely easy to follow. Plus, your family will totally love it!
What are you waiting for? Hop on down to the recipe below and get to crackin’!
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