Here’s The Truth Behind The Photo Of Firefighters That’s Being Shared All Over Facebook This Week

There’s been a lot of turmoil happening with natural disasters in the last few months. Between the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and the earthquake shaking Mexico, it’s likely that we’ve been focusing on these tragedies that are closest to home — something that’s extremely reasonable.

But, for anyone who maybe hasn’t heard, the people of Portugal are struggling with their own natural disaster that’s been dragging on for months now.

Raging forest fire are currently sweeping through central Portugal as a result of unseasonably dry conditions and random lightning strikes on June 17. Since then, the fires have killed at least sixty five people and injured another one hundred and fifty, as well as caused millions of dollars in property damage and natural resources.

On the front lines of the struggle to put out this deadly blaze are a brave group of firefighters. Over sixteen hundred trained firefighters, and another three hundred soldiers have worked around the clock, using more than seven hundred vehicles and eleven aircraft.

Since the fire spread so quickly, the firefighters have been tirelessly working for almost three months, heading off the flames and doing their best to evacuate locals.

That brings us to this popular Facebook photo taken by Pedro Bras, which shows a group of about 14 male and female firefighters laying out on a stretch of grass.

Some of them are flopped right down onto the grass and others are sprawled out on blankets, leading most people (ourselves included) to ask: what is going on in this picture?

If we didn’t know about the dangerous fires in Portugal, it might be easy to assume the squad is enjoying a sunny afternoon or goofing around — but knowing about the ongoing disaster, it’s obvious that we’re seeing just how taxed the troops are.

Bras uploaded the images to his Facebook page along with a caption that read:

“After a night and a day of fighting in i.f. de góis, TB we were treated to 25 minutes of beach, albeit concealed by smoke…”

The photo instantly went viral, getting over six thousand shares across Facebook. Hundreds of people have commented on the photo with supportive comments such as:

“They are all Heroes. Every Fireman/woman all over the World.”

“Eternal gratitude for your dedication, delivery, altruism, solidarity, that the sacred beings always follow you.”

“You are the real heroes of the nation! Brave Warriors! Thank you!”

“All my admiration and respect. The fire department is always fighting fearlessly and tirelessly. God bless you.”

Did you know what was actually happening in this viral photo? Do you have a firefighter in your life that this story really hit home for you? Make sure to share your thoughts on this viral photo.


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