I’m gonna make these for my mother but the dry crumbly part concerns me. She loves sandies but chokes alot. SO, I make them, put them in a tin with a slice of bread and see if they soften a bit. Works on everything else.

Great recipe! Instead of using my fingers to flatten I placed a small square of parchment paper on top of the cookie and pressed down with the bottom of a glass; no sticking and they look more like packaged cookies.

ll you ladies who are such “experts” on these cookies need to learn how to be polite to other bakers. These cookies are pecan sandies because they have pecans in them. Mexican Wedding cookies or Cresents can be made with either and can be rolled in powdered sugar or drizzled with chocolate (yummy). Please stop being so mean, its just flour and sugar ladies, not some life or death thing. If you made this recipe, please rate it and review it. If you did not make it just like the recipe, please do not send in your opinion.Please be respectful of each other.

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I made these instead of my usual “snowballs” as one of the 5 different cookies for my cookie gifts this year. They are excellent! I definitely will be making them again next year. Thanks for the recipe! I did increase the oven temp to 350 degrees. and rolled twice in confectionery sugar. Once while warm and once after they cooled.


2 sticks butter, unsalted (1/2 lb., softened)
1 cup vegetable oil
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