How To Cook Roast Beef That Will Melt In Your Mouth

Thousands Of People Swear By This Old-Fashioned Method! Have You Tried It?
My husband says it’s one of his favorite things in this world, when he comes home after a long day at work and the aromas of roast beef linger from the kitchen. Well, who wouldn’t like that, right? It’s one of the most tempting scents ever. I remember my mother making roast beef almost every Sunday – my goodness, we felt like we were starving to death, waiting for it to be ready!
I gotta tell you, this roast is well worth the wait. It’s not one of those super quick meals you can have ready in 30 minutes, but the flavor is so out of this world that you may never want to go back to fast meals again. You won’t need a crock pot for this one, even though this truly is slow cooking. All you need is your oven and a meat thermometer to make sure you’ll soon enjoy the most incredible meal of your life.
My mother would always served this roast with potatoes but you could serve it with almost anything, and it would still be amazing. I actually prefer serving this with rice – it has become a tradition at our house.

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