How to pick the best watermelon

You may think that going to the market and picking up a good piece of fruit is quite easy. Well, let us tell you something – it is definitely not that simple as you might guess.


Take it as an example the watermelon. When you think of the sweet juice and the refreshing taste, you can instantly find yourself in the store, seeking the fruit section.

But, how do you know when the watermelon is good or not? Here, today, we will let you in on some tips that will help you bring home the sweetest watermelon next time you go to the market.

1. When you see a watermelon, the first thing that really sticks out on it is the weird white or yellowish surface. These are quite natural spots, and they can actually help you pick a better watermelon.

It is called the field spot and it is the place where the watermelon was sitting on the ground. Even though all spots are very similar to each other, the best option for you is to go for the orange-yellow or creamy yellow spots.

The more golden of a color it has, the better the watermelon.

2. Another thing you should watch out for is the webbing on the surface of the watermelon. It indicates how many times a bee touched the flower, and the more webbing, the better the watermelon is.

3. Is the watermelon a boy or a girl? Funny question, right? Well, you may not believe it at first, but the watermelon are divided into boy watermelons and girl watermelons.

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