How To Remove Oil Stains from Clothing

We’ve all been there— you’re making your famous pasta sauce, dipping some delicious bread, frying up some chicken, or doing anything with oil, and you look down to find a big old stain on one of your favorite shirts.

Or, even worse, you’ll be out and about, minding your business, and suddenly notice a stain that’s not only old, but super set. It’s so upsetting! Stains are never fun, but oil stains are particularly tricky and difficult to treat. It makes sense, then, that the Internet would be full of tips and crazy-sounding strategies for getting rid of them, but how do you know which ones are worthwhile and which ones are just a waste of time? By asking us! We decided it was time we tried all those oil-stain tricks for ourselves and found out once and for all which ones really work. Here’s how it went!

The Contestants

There are tons of oil-removing strategies floating around, but there were three in particular that kept cropping up on sites like Pinterest:

  1. Chalk
  2. Hairspray
  3. Aloe Vera

We also decided to try out a more traditional kind of stain removal strategy from one of our favorite cleaning mavens, One Good Thing By Jillee, involving a scrubbing paste made out of hydrogen peroxide, Dawn dishwashing liquid, and baking soda. We tried each strategy on a simple shirt that had been stained by a mix of soybean, canola and olive oils.

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