How to Use Touch to Test the Doneness of a Steak

Spring has sprung in most parts of the country, and now is the perfect time to dust off (and clean off!) that grill and start making some tasty meals outside.

We’re big fans of grilling all kinds of foods, as you can see from many of our articles here. But since steaks are among the most common foods to throw on the grill, we figured we’d research steak grilling tips and see what we can find.

During our research, we came across a great tip from Trend Feed on YouTube. Other than a couple of annoying YouTube ads that popped up while watching the video and covered up some of the all-important text explaining this tip, we think the video is a good one and worth the 56 seconds to watch it.

So just remember the fingers: rare, medium-rare, medium, and well-done. Not entirely sure what we mean? Watch the video to see what we’re talking about and for a super easy way to remember how to test the doneness of your steak next time you’re grilling.

Enjoy the video and happy grilling!


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