Kenai Alaska Cheese Dip

It’s always a beautiful thing when such simple ingredients taste so delicious and bring people together at the same time! When we tried this cheesy dip, it melted in our mouths and we felt like it would be a crime not to share the details with you. So much flavor makes it hard to believe a recipe could be this easy, but it’s true. There’s something about melted cheese that makes most people we know extremely happy, and this dip certainly doesn’t disappoint.

The sharp cheddar cheese called for makes everything taste just that much more delicious, but of course you can go with mild if that’s your preference. Cheese is just one of those things that tastes yummy no matter what kind you choose. Diced green chiles add even more flavor without being spicy. If you haven’t tried them, it’s certainly worth your while and they often come in very small cans in the canned vegetable or international section of most local grocery stores. Don’t forget to buy the kind that are already diced so you save yourself a step. Mild green chiles are an inexpensive way to really ramp up extra flavor and your guests won’t even know what hit them!

When you add mayonnaise to the mix, what you get is a very rich and blended texture. Don’t be shy about putting this bowl of deliciousness in the microwave to melt these ingredients and blend the flavors even more. Simple spices that you probably already have in your spice rack add yet even more flavor.

A sprinkle of cayenne on top goes a long way if you like to make your food pretty without getting too fancy about things. We are just happy to bring you a dip that is a pleasure to serve for a party or as a special treat to reward yourself with after a busy day. Throw in some pretzels or tortilla chips and you’ve got yourself something to celebrate! After all, we think you deserve it!

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