Layered Mexican Taco Dip – Party All Night With Tortilla Chips In Hand

I absolutely love Mexican food.
I am a Cuban American girl with a love for Mexican food. Yeah, it is weird, I know, but I love anything and everything Mexican. Enchiladas, burritos, quesadillas, fajitas, queso dip…you name it, I love it! I especially love a good Mexican appetizer. I am not a huge fan of spicy, but I can tolerate a little in a good queso dip with loads of tortilla chips. Cheesy anything is my favorite Mexican dish, that is for sure!
Growing up, my mom used to make a killer Mexican appetizer dish. It had seven layers of yummy things. It had a layer of cream cheese, peppers, corn, refried beans, cheese and loads of other things. My favorite thing to do was to add an eighth layer: sour cream!
Yum, that is the best thing to add to any Mexican dish in my opinion! This dish I am sharing with you today is a twist on my mom’s classic Mexican 7 layer dip. This is filling and creamy and oh so delicious! This goes well as an appetizer with some tortilla chips or stuffed inside of your taco. Either way, you serve it, you are going to love it!

Taco dips are the best dips to enjoy at any gathering. They are usually filled with many different ingredients, creating layer upon layer of deliciousness. This appetizer is nothing less than that! I remember my mother making this yummy layered taco dip whenever we would have a holiday party at our house. Everyone always loved it and the dip went fast! Mom learned rather quickly to always make a double batch. Mom said. “It’s always best to have more than less.”
She is so right, firstly this is great for a potluck. It serves loads of people! And secondly, it works well as just a main course. It is delicious either way you enjoy it!

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