Lemon Coconut Impossible Pie

It’s not often that we completely forget about a yummy dessert, but this one had completely escaped our memory until recently, when someone brought it to a family gathering. One look at that creamy filling and perfectly crunchy crust and we knew we had to introduce you to (or remind you all of) Lemon Impossible Pie.

You might know it as something different, but this pie is basically magic, in that you make only one batter, but as it cooks it separates into two distinct layers: a filling that’s like a delectable lemon custard and a coconut top crust that’s crispy and offers the perfect contrast to the filling. This dessert is ridiculously easy (plus, clean-up’s a breeze!) and we promise your whole family will love it…get the little ones to help out and watch them be amazed at the results!

To Find Out All The Delicious Ingredients And The Step By Step Directions To Follow, Please Head On Over To The Next Page.

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