Lick-Your-Lips Lemon Butter Cookies

They are full of butter, (hopefully) chewy, have lots of toppings and melt in your mouth (again, hopefully). I will gladly keep any cookie nearby, whether they are chocolate chip, oatmeal, sugar or rum raisin. Anything goes well, and I always have a baggy full when I head out to school or work. These, though, are unlike any other kind of cookie I have tried. They are not just regular ol’ cookies to enjoy at any time of day.
These are special and sweet. They are perfect for teatime, or to make for your daughter or granddaughter to have tea time with her dolls. My grandma used to make me these to enjoy with her in the afternoons at the table. They are special and sweet and have the perfect amount of tartness to them. These are truly a little delicacy that

These are truly a little delicacy that melts in your mouth once they touch your tongue. I have found these to go beautifully on a pink tray at a bridal shower or as a giveaway at a baby shower. They turn out so prettily, and with the amount of flavor in them, you are going to know what I mean when I say you have to take a seat to enjoy these.

Do not let anyone fool you, just because I say these are perfect for bridal or baby showers and are so pretty, does not mean they are hard to make. On the contrary, with butter, flour, and lemon (basically), you can turn a little bit of dough into these beauties. Give these a try and you will see what I mean. They are worth it!
This is perfect! A thumbprint cookie that has become buttery goodness. You are going to thank her for creating these!
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