Mighty Meatball Sub Casserole – A Tried And True Recipe

You’ve had the sandwich, now try the casserole!

I am all about trying new and improved recipes on my family. It seems like they grow so bored of eating the same things each month. I have a food rotation calender that I use for my meal plan. All of the things listed on my meal plan are dishes that my husband and kids love…or at least they did. I swear, their taste buds change quicker than a cat can dance on a hot tin roof!
Anyway, I made them this marvelous meatball sub casserole and you would have thought I placed gold bars on their plates. They absolutely loved it! We had no leftovers, needless to say.

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You guys, when I first came across this glorious casserole I was stunned. I mean, just look at it! Doesn’t it look marvelous sitting there in its pan all ready for you to devour? My husband and kids really liked this yummy concoction of awesomeness. I served this casserole to them with a bit of Ranch to drizzle over the top as that is how they normally eat a traditional meatball sub. It was all very tasty!
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