Mom Is Planning To Make Her Grand Scalloped Potatoes For Dinner And We Couldn’t Be More Excited

Grandma had been hiding her famous scalloped potato recipe from us for decades and then… grandma passed away.
Are you curious as to what that twist may be? Well, I’ll tell you: beef! These scalloped spuds are made just like your mother or granny would make them except that beef is also in the mix. Talk about a yummy addition! The chunky beef adds so much flavor and texture to the dish that you can easily eat it as an entree instead of a side. I am seriously considering making these spuds during the holidays. They would make an excellent addition to Easter dinner. The recipe says to use russet potatoes but feel free to use any variety that you have on hand or prefer.
This recipe is for the oven but you can easily make these yummy scalloped potatoes in your slow cooker, too. I’ve tried it before and they turn out quite nice. However, you won’t get that browned layer on top like you would if cooked in the oven.

Do you know what I love most about this scalloped potatoes recipe? The fact that Barbara from Bless Us O Lord adds beef to the mix. You can easily serve these potatoes a casserole entree instead of a side dish if you wanted to. I love the juicy flavor that the beef gives to the potatoes and how hearty this dish truly is.
My husband decided to take some of these scalloped potatoes to work the next for his lunch. He said when he was warming them up in the microwave the breakroom was filled with a heavenly scent. His co-workers were jealous.
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