No-Bake Praline Pecan Cookies Are A Simple Southern Delight

These cookies are a pleasant surprise for my taste buds!
I was craving cookies the other day super badly but I did not want to go through the entire hassle of turning on the oven and baking them. Weird, I know. Hey, don’t judge we all have lazy moments haha! I found this recipe for no-bake pecan praline cookies and my interest soared through the sky. I love pralines and I really love pecans. I had both in my pantry so I thought, “Why not?” and made the cookies. They turned out more like a coconut candy (there’s coconut in this recipe) than a cookie in terms of texture.
I really liked that! It take me very long to whip these cookies up and my husband and kids thoroughly enjoyed them. Yummo!

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Do you have a favorite cookie recipe that helps you reminisce? The pecan praline cookies do just that for me and I don’t even need to turn my oven on ? I love making recipes that remind me of people, places, and sights that I have seen and heard before. There’s nothing like a wonderful cookie recipe to take you back to days gone by.
Are you excited to make these yummy cookies? I know that I sure am! I mean, I’ve already made them once but I fully intend to make them again ?
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