Oven Smoked Brisket

Make this brisket on a day when you have a bit of time, slow cooking at a low oven temperature for 6 hours is the only way to go for this recipe. Plan ahead the meat must be refrigerated for 8 hours before cooking.

This was off the chain amazing. I only used 4 oz. of liquid smoke (the entire bottle) for a 9.xx brisket and it was still amazing. The aroma was amazing from the time it went into the oven for hours after our meal was over. We opted to serve bar-b-que sauce on the side. I cut my brisket in half, used two pans for cooking. Threw two roasts in the crock pot for backup as we have a large crowd for Christmas. The brisket was gone along with one of the roasts. For future reference, I will invest in a second bottle of liquid smoke. I was worried it would be too smokey for me, but it in fact was about as perfect as it could get! Great recipe, easy prep and a definite crowd pleaser. Thank you much for posting this awesome recipe. A definite keeper for us. I am looking forward to using this and final cooking it on the grill this summer!


7-11 lb. brisket, untrimmed
1-2 drops liquid smoke
1 tablespoon salt
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