Peanut Butter Pie So Good, You’ll want To Slap Your Grandma!

As a kid, I can remember my mom always making her famous peanut butter pie for the holidays. It was so rich and creamy, and you could never just stop after one slice. I always hoped that our holiday guests wouldn’t eat it all so that I could have the leftovers after everyone went home.
My husband’s grandmother also makes a killer peanut butter pie but hers is very different from my mother’s version as she doesn’t use cream cheese and adds vanilla pudding instead. I think I prefer my mom’s peanut butter pie over anyone else’s, to be totally honest.
I came across this peanut butter pie recipe on the Paula Deen website, and it looked really good! I thought I should give it a shot. Boy oh boy, am I ever glad that I did! It turned out wonderfully. So rich, creamy, and decadent. Yum! You’re going to love it!

This recipe for peanut butter pie is very good. I won’t lie, I was scraping the batter bowl with a spoon after filling up the pie shell. How could I allow any of that peanut buttery pie filling go to waste?
Needless to say, I had to hide from my kids while I was enjoying this treat because they would have surely wanted to stick their dirty little fingers into the batter bowl, too!

Sorry, kids! This one is for mommy.

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