Remove Dangerous Mold From Your Washing Machine With These 2 Ingredients!

I love Sundays. Why you ask? Because Sunday is laundry day at my house, the day my favorite shirts and sweaters that have collected all sorts of strange smells over the past few days regain their freshness.

However, before I discovered this trick, my clothes would occasionally come out of the washing machine smelling even stranger than they did, to begin with. What gives?

If you’ve begun to notice black stains in your washing machine’s rubber rings or the powder compartment, what you are seeing is a very harmful mold which causes several diseases in humans.

You see, your washing machine harbors the ideal conditions for mold, which include moisture, warmth and some of the bacteria found in your clothes.

But fear not – mold in your washing machine does not mean you’ve got to chuck the whole thing or destroy it with fire.

You can actually clean out your washing machine rather easily. To do so, you’ll need the following:

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