Sausage-Stuffed Cornbread Loaf

We used to think that cornbread was so good it didn’t need anything extra thrown into the mix. Whether it was from-scratch (ridiculously delicious) or store-bought (similarly tasty!) cornbread’s just one of those things that always hits the spot and that doesn’t need to be improved once you’ve found the version that works for you. Or so we thought…. While this isn’t necessarily your classic cornbread, this recipe is something we tried out and then immediately knew we needed to tell everyone about it and shout our praise from the rooftop.

This isn’t just any cornbread recipe; this is a sausage-stuffed cornbread loaf. Instead of muffins, we turned this bad boy into a loaf, stuffing it full of flavorful, juicy sage sausage, celery and onions. The juices from the cooked sausage make sure this loaf is never dry, plus give it tons of extra flavor – it’s so, so good. Another great thing is how versatile this recipe is. You could make it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Think about it – it goes just as great with eggs and pancakes as it does with chili or stew. Talk about a workhorse!

Sausage-stuffed cornbread is the perfect side dish or stand-alone snack. It’s filling, without being too heavy, and will have you hooked after the first bite. Now, there will still be occasions that call for traditional cornbread, but we this this heavy-hitter will earn its place at your table. Trust us, cut a few slices and slather a little butter on there…you won’t regret it!
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