Serve Santa Some Orange Dreamsicle Fudge Under This Year

I am a mega fudge fan.

I really don’t care what the flavor is if it is fudge I’m going to eat it! However, I am also a huge orange creamsicle fan so this fudge is right up my alley. The texture is creamy, flavorful, and soft.

You are really going to enjoy this stuff. There are quite a few steps in making this fudge but none of them are overly difficult so no worries! I swear, this fudge reminds me of the candy shops I would go to as a kid living in Michigan.

When my family and I would vacation on Mackinac Island we would hit up all of the fudge shops and this orange creamsicle fudge would typically be sitting on the shelves. So yummy! What is your favorite fudge flavor? I think it will soon be orange creamsicle ? Enjoy!

Who wouldn’t want to receive a gorgeous tin filled with these yummy morsels of orange creamsicle goodness? I have to laugh because when my youngest son saw these yummy pieces of dreamy, creamy fudge sitting on the table he asked me why I had cheese sitting out. LOL I guess they do sort of look like chunks of Colby Jack cheese! They taste a heck of a lot sweeter, though ?

Yes! This fudge reminds me those orange creamsicles that the ice cream truck used to bring. So super tasty!

To Find Out All The Delicious Ingredients And The Step By Step Directions To Follow, Please Head On Over To The Next Page.

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