Similar To Crepes But Even Better! Have You Tried This Eastern-European Breakfast Treat??

If you’ve had and enjoyed crepes before–or if you have an obsession with them like we do – there’s a good chance you’ll love blintzes! Blintzes are a classic Jewish food that are basically stuffed and rolled, thin pancakes. Generally filled to the brim with a creamy cheese mixture, they can be served with fruit compote, powdered sugar or sour cream…gotta love all the options!

Blintzes are a food that we can get behind, any time, day or night; they’re usually served for breakfast or brunch, but they could also make a yummy dessert (cheese course, anyone?) or a midnight snack for when you get that craving for something a little sweet and tart. What we recommend doing, since we like to eat these bad boys right when we get the hankering for them, is to make the batter ahead of time and refrigerate it (it stays good for up to 1 week); that way all you have to do ladle it out into the pan and whip up the cheesy filling! Whenever you decide to make them, prepare yourselves for how much you’re going to love them – they’re insanely good!

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