Slow Cooker Chicken And Dumplings

WONDERFUL!! I used chicken broth instead of water and did not use the onion. Did season with salt, pepper and a little onion powder. I put on low in morning before going to work and let cook all day. I shredded the chicken(had used frozen chicken breasts) and turned to high and added 2 cans of biscuits, each biscuit into 4 pieces. Let cook 1-11/2 hrs on high. Was absolutely the BEST!!

Biscuits and chicken seem like they should be listed under the definition of comfort food. They are so hearty, taste amazing, and when they come together with soup and vegetables, you suddenly have hot chicken and dumplings! This time-honored dish originates from the South and Midwest regions of the country and, apparently, it was pretty popular to serve during the Great Depression. Thankfully, these are different times, but some things never really change, especially when it comes to getting good bang for your buck and great flavor.

This was great! I made changes as suggested by others. I used 8 small breasts, used chicken broth instead of water, added a bit of white wine (less than 1/4 cup). I seasoned the chicken before cooking with seasoned pepper, garlic powder, chicken seasoning and paprika. I added fresh celery along with the onion. I added green peas & water & flour for thickening before I added the biscuits. I flattened the biscuits and cut into strips and seasoned with salt & pepper on both sides. Cooked an additional 2 hours on high without opening the lid and it was perfect.

That is why we are so excited to introduce this delicious chicken and dumplings recipe to your table. The ingredients aren’t very expensive and this dish doesn’t require all the admirable efforts of the original, vintage version, because it all comes together, believe it or not, in your trusty slow cooker. Frozen veggies also play an important part and they are so underrated! No need to spend extra money and prep time on fresh ones when they already are in the freezer section, ready to go in a snap.

Wonderful recipe. And for all the morons who simply make a totally different recipe by their additions, subtractions, cooking a bit longer or shorter…try posting your own recipe and stop giving 4 stars to a perfectly good recipe. All recipes are guidelines. We all have different tastes, so either like the recipe or leave it. tiny.mama

We’re all fans of chicken pot pie and chicken soup, and this flavor combination has some irresistible similarities that do not disappoint. Instead of noodles or pie crust, it’s biscuits that really make us do the happy dance, and rather than baking them from scratch, we used the refrigerated, pre-made buttermilk kind. They taste so good, and all you have to do is pop open the container and follow the rest of our easy instructions. That’s after your other ingredients have cooked without any required babysitting, allowing you to do whatever else you need to do (read: kick your feet up). Let’s all agree, that’s the beauty of a slow cooker and we guarantee this retro recipe with a new twist is going to knock your socks off!

This is an easy slow cooker recipe that cooks while you are at work! It is wonderful on a cold, snowy day. I have four children who are picky eaters, and they LOVE this! Enjoy!


4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1 (10 oz.) package refrigerated buttermilk biscuits

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