Slow Cooker French Onion Soup

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This came out really well I was worried that there wasn’t enough liquid so I added 1.5 cups of water. Since this took away from the beef broth taste I added some steak seasoning I had that was fine and mostly seasoned salt based. I did have to add a good bit of salt to make it have the right flavor. After It was done cooking I put some sliced provolone on top melted it and dug in. Very easy and delish!

I just made this and was really quite good. I decided to do beef broth but added a vegetable broth as well. I used a large white onion added 2 tsp of minced garlic the salt and pepper to taste I had Ceasars croutons and a slice of mozerella to put on top. I just may have a second bowl a bit later.

Excellent! I followed this recipe to the letter (with the exception of substituting the Gruyere and Emmental with provolone and Swiss) and the soup was to weep for. The smell drove us mad all day long: it was hard to wait 8 hrs! Thanks for the recipe!

This is a great recipe. I couldn’t find Emmental so I subbed in Swiss. If you put the bread right in the soup it kind of soaks it up and turns soggy so you can coop that right up with your spoon along with the soup – or, if you don’t like soggy bread you can not do that. The bread is definitely key, though.


4 pounds yellow onions, peeled and chopped
10 cups beef broth
1 baguette, sliced diagonally and toasted

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