Smoky Grilled Sea Bass Steak

Eating grilled meats all summer long can be fun. You get to enjoy charred meat cooked lovingly over a hot and open flame, seasoned with whatever spice rub or barbecue sauce you fancy at the moment. Still, as fun as eating meat off the grill can be, it can get old after a few weeks. Thankfully, we have alternatives like this smoky grilled sea bass steak. It’s flaky white Chilean sea bass with a smoky spice rub and grilled to perfection. Check out the recipe.

One of the wonderful upshots of today’s technology is you can enjoy seafood even if you live far inland. You can simply order seafood online and have it shipped to you overnight. You get your seafood as fresh as they can be. So if you don’t have access to the Chilean sea bass required for this smoky grilled sea bass steak recipe, you can always order it online. Or you can substitute with any flaky white fish filet available. This fantastic recipe is from Curt of Smoked ‘n Grilled.

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