Soft Sugar Cookies Recipe

This sugar cookie recipe is easy and gives your soft sugar cookies.

These delicious tasting sugar cookies will be the answer to EVERYTHING.

Bad day… sugar cookies are the answer.

Party time… sugar cookies are the answer.

Love sprinkles…. sugar cookies are the answer.

Are Unicorn CRAZY… these frosted sugar cookies with colorful sprinkles are definitely the answer (considering a popular drink company had a limited time drink that may have looked great, but most people thought tasted awful) These would be perfect for any girl who is crazy for Unicorns, birthday parties, and more. They look like a party themselves, they are so pretty!

These are soft cookies with frosting or dipped into melted white chocolate, or any melted chocolate of your choosing, candy melts come in many colors and flavors.

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Now about SPRINKLES… oh, how I just LOVE colorful sprinkles. I used Sixlet they are the candy coated chocolate balls you can’t miss seeing they are big and pretty and these have an iridescent finish to them that makes them extra pretty.

Then I used a combination of pink, purple, yellow, white, and blue sprinkles and stars with white round sprinkle too.

You can use any combination of colors and shapes to make these perfect for ANY DAY!!!

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