Southern Belle Hummingbird Muffins Make My Heart Sing

Class was usually quiet if it wasn’t for Ninna’s humming. She was one of those who loved to sing in class when she’s bored. We always expected her voice to echo in the room whenever it was Mrs. Lardfell’s class. She taught Math. And most of us hated math (well, who didn’t)? Twenty minutes into her lecture and we would definitely hear a hum from somewhere in the back of the class. At first, Mrs. Lardfell kept calling her attention, reprimanding her and reminding her that if it’s class hours, all students should focus on the lecture and shouldn’t interfere the teacher. However, as time passed by and it kept happening again and again, Mrs. Lardfell finally learned to ignore it. Or so we all thought.

One day, when she entered the classroom, she was carrying a box in her hands. We didn’t know what was inside it and we were all curious. Mrs. Lardfell was tightlipped though and just continued with her lecture. Twenty minutes later, Ninna started humming. We witnessed as Mrs. Lardfell snatched the box, went straight towards Ninna, and stood in front of her. When she opened the box, the most delicious smell wafted inside the classroom. Mrs. Lardfell picked one that looked like a muffin and gently stuffed Ninna’s mouth with it. Ninna looked surprised and we all had a laugh. There was no humming inside the classroom the while period because Ninna was busy munching on her hummingbird muffins. Lucky girl. This hummingbird muffin recipe reminded me of Ninna and her audacity to keep teasing our teacher albeit unconsciously.

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