Sprinkle Jell-O Over Ice Cream And Scoop It With A Knife. The Result— Magic!

Scooping and slicing ice cream with a knife? Sprinkling Jell-O powder in the empty carton? A treat that’s totally sweet and full of edible rainbows? It could only be the work of Yoyomax12! Watch her latest colorful idea that turns any old carton of vanilla ice cream into a rainbow tie-dye treat.

All you need for this treat are Jell-O packets in various colors and a carton of plain vanilla ice cream, preferably in a square, cardboard container. Then scoop out the ice cream, divide it into six portions, and get to layering like she does in the video! It’s so easy, and it gives your family a rainbow treat unlike anything you can find in the store. Do you think you’ll try it? Have you ever seen anything like this treat before?

Source: Tiphero.com

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