Stuffed Pepper Soup

At least once a week we are having soup around here, if you haven’t noticed. Soup is just “in” right now, soup recipes are by far my most popular lately. So, at least I’m not the only one who seriously loves a good soup recipe, and this Stuffed Pepper Soup recipe is no exception.

I just got into the whole stuffed pepper thing and I have actually been meaning to make this stuffed pepper inspired soup for that last month. There are just far too many different kinds of soups to choose from and there are still countless more I want to make. This one is incredibly hearty and it’s just such a comforting, homestyle soup. It totally reminded me of growing up and being home.

I love all the flavors in this soup and how well they all meld together. The peppers offer a mellow and faintly sweet flavor, while the tomatoes and beef kick in that flavor that will remind you of a traditional stuffed pepper.  And the rice in this soup gives it such a great texture and adds some body to it. This a fairly thick soup and it has a consistency similar to a stew, which I love because it will fill my family up and I don’t have to make a bunch of sides to serve with it. I just served it with fresh bread to keep that homestyle comfort and simplicity going.

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